Connecting your Web


January 14, 2013 by Parveer Mann

The chance to build social media relationships should go beyond the name of a course. It should be the opportunity and challenge we seek in our professional and personal lives to expand our networks. Over the next few months, I look forward to understanding the social platforms that exist and how to start developing them to broaden my personal social network.

A collection of existing social platforms

A collection of existing social platforms

What I hope to achieve?

So I read this great article and think the opinion is worthy of a second look. Should I post it on Twitter, Facebook or does it exist somewhere I don’t belong? This is a question I have struggled with in the past and one I hope I can work on in the next few weeks. An interesting Mashable article asks, Which Social Network you should use – and when? They took the information gathered by a consulting firm and created an infographic showing what people are using and where they exist. It’s my goal to work on understanding the social communities that certain groups gravitate to and how my work should be tailored to that.

Anything else?

Beyond what I’ve covered, I think building social media relationships can help with other myths or questions I may have:

  • Should all of your social platforms be connected? Or can a blog or twitter feed you have exist independently?
  • Is it the objective of social media to be an early adopter or should you listen to the noise and see what channels emerge?
  • Should there be a regular schedule when updating your social platforms specifically blogs or podcasts?

So I think the overall goal is to use these relationships to connect your web profile. The next few months will help me see if it is more of a challenge or an opportunity?


3 thoughts on “Connecting your Web

  1. I can actually hear you while I read this lol. Once you get the hang of things, you’d be surprised how smoothly it all goes.

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