Serving with Purpose: Blog Goals


January 27, 2013 by Parveer Mann

tennis cartoon- goalsAs a blogger, it is difficult to know if the words and pictures you share serve a purpose or are lost in the vast web universe. How can you know with confidence that the posts you produce are helping further the discussion and discovery that you hope to inspire? In the simplest terms, you will know if your blog matters by establishing certain goals that can be evaluated throughout your blogging process.

I’d like to share some goals that A man and his racquet blog hopes to achieve:

  • To provide opinions within the next few months that facilitate a meaningful conversation and interaction within the tennis blogosphere.
  • To post detailed and thoughtful opinions at least 2 times a week.
  • To start meaningful relationships with other readers, blogs and websites.


What does blogging success look like?

  • An increased number of readers and comments on my blog.
  • An increased interaction and number of followers from other similar bloggers.
  • A better understanding of the blogging process.


I’ll occasionally check and see how I’m doing and as a tennis player might say the goal of any player is to be ready for the next shot. For the A man and his racquet blog, it will be always being ready with content for the next post.


5 thoughts on “Serving with Purpose: Blog Goals

  1. satinderh says:

    Well I will contribute to one of your goals of ‘increased number of readers and comments’ by leaving this comment and more in the future!

  2. Parveer, this blog makes me want to play Tennis with you. Actually, you should be a pro player, that would be bad ass!!

  3. […] I would recommend to all my readers who are developing content or themselves that formal or informal social media events are helpful. They are convenient and put you into contact with others who are seeking the same change. To improve your experience, you may want to set some objectives or seek guidelines on the event pages to maximize your return at these events. I look forward to adding these events to my training regimen as I continue looking into the world of tennis and hopefully see those blogging goals achieved. […]

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