Off Court training: Social media events


March 10, 2013 by Parveer Mann

As a player, you understand that you are only as good as your next shot. It requires certain preparation and continued skills development to maintain or increase the quality of your game. I feel the same certainly applies for a blogger and that’s why you found me at two social media events this past week looking to continue to improve my blogging process.

(Image courtesy of Adam Carter/CBC)

(Image courtesy of Adam Carter/CBC)

The first such event was a Geek Breakfast and the second was a pint sized social media roundtable discussion. Both events brought together like-minded individuals seeking to learn and understand how social media can be used to develop your personal or organizational online presence. The snacks ranged from brownies to nachos but the chance to openly participate was quite similar. I was able to mill around and start conversations with others about the impact of twitter during the breakfast. The roundtable featured discussion on how professionals were using social networking to position their organizations in the digital space.

What I learned?

Networking with Social media (Image available on

Networking with Social media (Image available on

Personally, I was able to ascertain that in any capacity that your social media presence should be strategic and work towards community building. By listening and asking questions, I quickly determined my blog and I should focus both on building quality content and developing meaningful relationships with readers and similar bloggers. Beyond a talking point, social media became a form of business card at both of these events and I plan to use the contacts I made to seek those aforementioned relationships.

I would recommend to all my readers who are developing content or themselves that formal or informal social media events are helpful. They are convenient and put you into contact with others who are seeking the same change. To improve your experience, you may want to set some objectives or seek guidelines on the event pages to maximize your return at these events. I look forward to adding these events to my training regimen as I continue looking into the world of tennis and hopefully see those blogging goals achieved.


2 thoughts on “Off Court training: Social media events

  1. hellatrish says:

    Glad you learned a lot from the event. It really is about building relationships. That’s the whole point of ‘social’ media. Without these connections, you can’t share or get involved. Will keep that in mind too.

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