Midsummer Break

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August 4, 2013 by Parveer Mann

Enjoying the sun along with the tennis.

Enjoying the sun along with the tennis.

I’ll admit it that like most of the top players, these past few weeks have been like a mini break. However, I know things are quickly going to ramp up with Montreal/Toronto and Cincinnati around the corner. So to make up for missed time, let’s see who’s actually used these few past weeks productively.

Fabio Fognini: The number one Italian on tour pulled off a German double in July. His wins in Stuttgart and Hamburg earned him a ton of points and a spot in the top 20. But to be clear, these results show us no indication that Fognini will be a threat during the summer hard court season. He will get a nice seed bump and some easier matchups, so there is that.

John Isner: It almost seems that Isner’s season begins after Wimbledon. With a SF in Newport, W in Atlanta and at least a F in Washington, the big American is reminding us why he’s always a top 10 threat. He’s said it himself that no one can really touch him when he plays in Rhode Island, Georgia , Texas and DC but ultimately it will be his results in California, Florida, Cincinnati and New York that will define his career.

Both Isner and Del Potro (his Washington opponent) may prove to be the looming threats the rest of this summer.

Simona Halep: If the tennis summer excluded the Grand Slams then no would have had a better time than Halep. Since June, she has won three titles including one in Budapest this past month. The only thing is tennis has Grand Slams and Halep has been terrible in them this summer. A first round loss in Paris and second round loss in Wimbledon means that she needs an awfully good draw or weak field the rest of the way to continue her summer run.

Andrea Petkovic: This final spot was probably the toughest spot to fill as we have not had another multi-winner on the WTA. The decision to put Petkovic on the list is more to do with how far she has come than the results she has had. Her late-night triumph to the Washington final is the latest step forward she has taken post-injury. She has jumped nearly 70 spots in the world rankings and has put together a summer resume that illuminates her ability to still be a player of interest anywhere in the world.

Up next: The blog will be back to its regular schedule as we update the events of Montreal/Toronto. Keep on reading and commenting about your post-Wimbledon highlights below.


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