Episode 14 – The Tennis Court(room) [Podcast]


January 9, 2014 by Parveer Mann

On this (slightly delayed) episode of the Urban Tennis podcast, our hosts play a little judge and jury with some of the most interesting tennis debates of 2013:

1. After Rafael Nadal’s impressive summer run, we debate what’s harder to do: The Channel Slam (French and Wimbledon) or win the 3 biggest US Open series events (Canada, Cincy, and US)? (1:08)

2. After Andy Murray won Wimbledon this summer, we debated if Murray is British or is he Scottish? (4:18)

3. Earlier in 2013, the US lost its second oldest tournament outside the US Open when the SAP Open in San Jose announced that it was ending? We debate if tourneys fleeing the US is beneficial or harmful for both tours and the state of the game? (6:47)

4. As the International Tennis Hall of Fame prepares to announce its 2014 nominees, we debate which player has the more compelling argument for induction: Conchita Martinez or Mary Pierce? (11:32)

5. On our media/technology segment, we ask who is the more accomplished TV spokesman of the last 20 years? Andre Agassi or Roger Federer? (15:43)

Plus, the Social Media Highlight of the Week (19:35)

Note: You can download our most recent episodes of the podcast on our SoundClound page.


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