Episode 19 – Dueling Cups [Podcast]


February 13, 2014 by Gurveer Mann

On this week’s podcast, we recap the early rounds of both Fed Cup and Davis Cup, and look ahead at the intriguing storylines in the next round. Plus, we try to catch up with all the players who are on the mend after Australia.

  • Fed Cup weekend is over and the Germans pull off the biggest win over a Slovakian team featuring Australian Open finalist Dominika Cibulkova. Is this new generation of Germans finally ready to live up to their lofty expectations? (1:09)
  • Canada easily handles Serbia in Group II action. Does that mean Canada is ready for the big stage and what country would they have the best chance against in April (US, Russia, Slovakia, or Spain)? (3:44)
  • A week after their Davis Cup losses, we wonder if Canada or the US need to make any changes to their Davis Cup lineups before September? Plus, why Roger Federer playing Davis Cup can only be a good thing for tennis? (5:39)
  • A quick lightning round that has us checking in on the major injuries on both tours and if we are worried about those players yet? (9:28)
  • In our media segment, we discuss Maria Sharapova’s role with NBC’s Winter Olympics coverage and determine if we think another player is ready for that task anytime soon. (12:25)

Plus, A Game of Challenges (15:23), Social Media Highlight of the Week (16:58) and much more…

Note: You can download our most recent episodes of the podcast on our SoundClound page.


One thought on “Episode 19 – Dueling Cups [Podcast]

  1. Parveer Mann says:

    It’s been announced, Canada will play Slovakia at home come April via @Tennis_Canada http://bit.ly/1meLG4o

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