Episode 34 – All Tied Up [Podcast]

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September 3, 2014 by Gurveer Mann

On this week’s Urban Tennis podcast, we chat Caroline Wozniacki’s return to center stage, preview the Murray/Djokovic showdown, acceptable fan interaction and the end of CBS’ Labour Day coverage.

  • After many unexpected upsets, Caroline Wozniacki still stands in the bottom half of the women’s draw. How important was summer success to her New York run and if we notice anything different in her game these past few weeks?(2:05)
  • On the eve of the highly anticipated Djokovic/Murray showdown, we review both players run to the quarters and why they’ve managed to shake off poor play? Plus, how do Wawrinka and Federer stand entering their respective last eight clashes?(7:02)
  • A recent Wall Street Journal article measured the amount of time top players spent signing autographs after a match at this year’s US Open. We discuss what is the appropriate time for players to dedicate and if the post-match can be improved. Plus, each of us reveal how we would handle the demands of signature alley. (12:20)
  • In the media/technology segment, we discuss how CBS handled their final Labour Day weekend and what ESPN will most likely change with this unique weekend of tennis in the coming years? (16:06)

Plus, we jump back to the 2001 US Open in Tennis Roulette (20:05), the Social Media Highlight of the Week (24:40) and much more…

Note: You can download our most recent episodes of the podcast on our SoundClound page.


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