Episode 35 – Oh My Marin [Podcast]

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September 17, 2014 by Gurveer Mann

On this week’s Urban Tennis podcast, we try to explain Marin Cilic’s shocking victory, Serena’s 18th slam, how the US Open handled Peng Shuai’s medical issues and our thoughts on CBS’ farewell production.

  • Marin Cilic shocked about everyone en route to his first Grand Slam win over fellow first-timer Kei Nishikori. We discuss the surprising men’s finalists and if Saturday was the most shocking day in recent tennis history? Plus, we try to rank this next generation of players (Nishikori, Dimitrov, Raonic, Gulbis and Cilic) behind the Big Four? (1:21)
  • After being shutout in the first three slams, Serena Williams dominated the competition in New York winning her sixth US Open title and 18th Grand Slam. In discussing Serena, we wonder what should be the more important achievement: the sixth US Open title tying Chris Evert or tying Martina and Chris’ Grand Slam mark? Also, how should we evaluate Caroline Wozniacki’s fortnight and how she fits with the elite WTA players? (9:56)
  • The first women’s semifinal ended under surreal circumstances when Peng Shuai was carted off after minutes of on-court distress. We review how US Open officials did handling the situation and why were commentators so confused with the proper policy? Should a healthy player an immediate advantage when their opponent starts cramping? (14:38)
  • In our media segment, CBS bid farewell to the US Open with multiple touching vignettes and pre-recorded interviews. We talk about some of our favourites and how we felt CBS showed a good sense of humour before passing the torch. (20:38)

Plus, A Game of Volleys (24:11), the Social Media Highlight of the Week (28:00) and much more…

Note: You can download our most recent episodes of the podcast on our SoundClound page.


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