Episode 41 – The Diamond Games [Podcast]

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February 18, 2015 by Parveer Mann

On this week’s Urban Tennis podcast, we discuss what we learned from this year’s Australian Open, breakdown Serena’s planned return to Indian Wells, check-in on the Diamond Games/Rotterdam and speculate about the perfect candidate for a tennis retirement documentary.

  • After an anti-climatic finish to the men’s final, we discuss Novak’s place in Australian Open history and how Andy Murray can use his great result moving forward? Plus, is the ATP headed towards more heated rivalries in this new Djokovic era? (2:00)
  • Fresh off her 19th Grand Slam title, Serena Williams announced that she planned to return to Indian Wells this year ending a decade-long dispute over perceived slights to Venus and Serena in 2001. We discuss what the decision means for Serena and how both parties can do to make it work in March? (8:05)
  • We checked in with the Diamond Games in Antwerp and Genie Bouchard’s coaching change and how Stan Wawrinka and Tomas Berdych looked in Rotterdam? (13:26)
  • After Lleyton Hewitt’s retirement announcement, we speculate who would make the best retirement focused docu-series a la Steve Nash’s piece for Grantland  (17:04)

Plus, a Game of Volleys (20:25), Social Media highlight of the week (24:38) and much more…

Note: You can download the podcast through the SoundCloud interface available above or listen on Youtube.

Photo Credit: verhulst.be


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