Episode 48 – Serena vs. Everybody [Podcast]


September 1, 2015 by Parveer Mann

On this edition of the Urban Tennis podcast, we evaluate the media coverage heading into Serena’s calendar slam attempt and breakdown her possible draw, discuss Roger Federer’s new return tactics and if he should be deemed the favourite, assess Marin Cilic’s subdued title defence and pick our favourite tennis ‘popups’. Recorded on August 31, 2015

  • With Serena Williams on the verge of history, many traditional and some new media forces have spent hours trying to capture the importance of Serena’s opportunity. We review the forming narrative and ponder how significant this achievement could become in the coming weeks? Also, we discuss the players who can ultimately deny Serena’s calendar slam. [1:50]
  • In his only US Open tune-up, Roger Federer once again showed his Cincinnati mastery with some new return tactics thrown in for good measure. We discuss if Federer’s return strategy could ever be sustainable and what Federer needs to continue to be successful in New York? Plus, we breakdown the Murray/Kyrgios first round clash and the type of atmosphere that could accompany it. [11:58]
  • Even with Kei Nishikori’s early exit, not much is being expected of Marin Cilic as he tries to defend his US Open title. We talk about Cilic’s lackluster season and what his realistic expectations should be this year? Plus, we determine if anyone in the top half can spoil Novak Djokovic’s run to another US Open final? [18:23]
  • The week before a slam is full of sponsor commitments and Nike rolled out their top players last week to play some street tennis. We pick what elements make a good tennis live event and choose our past favourites. [23:24]

Plus, a Game of Challenges [28:21], Social Media Highlight of the week [30:05] and much more…

Note: You can download the podcast through the SoundCloud interface available above or listen on YouTube.


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